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College Click is a private college counseling company. Our goal is to make the college planning process clear, easy and help clients find the right choice for their situation. Students and parents often tell us the work we do helps them relax and enjoy the myriad options they have.


We love working with our students and their families and strive to make our work together clear, informative, and fun.

College Planning Consultation

For starters, College Click offers an Introductory Consultation; an intensive 2 hour session held with parents and the student to walk through the College Planning process, their goals and background, and key dates and timeframes.

The goal of the session is to leave students and parents with a solid blueprint they can follow themselves. We also highlight key areas to focus on in their college planning.


Admissions Planning Services

College Click offers comprehensive services to aid students and their families in college planning throughout the whole journey. Our services are provided as part of hourly packages that are tailored to the needs and age of the student.

At College Click, we often like to work with students as early as 9th grade in order to plan high school course selection to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Services include:

  • High School Course Planning

  • Transcript Review

  • Interest Inventory

  • Review of Student Activities

  • Career Assessment

  • College Major Finder

  • College Card Sort

  • Initial College List

  • Testing Schedule and Strategy

  • Resume Review

  • Application Work and Timeline

  • Individual Essay Development and Editing

  • School List Refinement

  • Teacher Recommendation Letter Guidance

  • Financial/Merit Aid Guidance

  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Advice (including WUE)

  • Transfer guidance

Sports and Visual/Performing Arts Advising

Any student, including student athletes and performers/artists, can take advantage of the standard planning services. Additional specific recruiting strategies and approaches are available for an additional charge.

Due to the complexities of NCAA, NAIA and college athletics, College Click recommends students who want to compete in college start their planning as early as Sophomore year.

Tutoring for SAT/ACT/AP Tests

We now offer both small-group and private tutoring sessions  for students preparing to take either the SAT and ACT and/or various AP Subject Tests through our subsidiary Lemonade Education.  Classes are taught by award-winning teachers with deep AP and subject matter expertise. Click below to learn more.

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