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Be ready to make a Smart College Choice

Prepare now for a successful college application season.

Led by top college counselors and ex-admissions directors

College Click has years of knowledge from admissions directors, certified education planners, and top college counselors. It helps students and their families quickly go from an idea to execution on the exciting, yet complicated journey of applying to college. 


With a variety of fast track services and specially designed packages, College Click can rapidly support you to have a successful process. 

College Click has special packages to help students quickly gain skills and confidence to:

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  • What does college counseling typically cover?
    There are a wide variety of topics to meet special cases, but college counseling usually covers the most important admissions topics with a clear, guided process informed by both data on admissions and knowledge from the field. Topics include College Admissions Overview & Testing Building a Well-Balanced College List How to Apply using The Common App Master Your College Essays Financial Aid Overview Other special topics College Click experts can cover include: How Athletic Recruitment Works Visual and Performing Arts: BFA vs. BA. Portfolio & Audition Tips Pre-med programs and best practices Cal State, UC and Canadian Schools Essay Brainstorming Resume Building Applying to Highly-Selective Schools To learn more, see our services.
  • What does college counseling provide?
    Expert college counselors are trained professionals, certified by national associations, who can guide students and families to have a clear, effective admissions process to get accepted to a best fit college. College choice is a combination of academic, social, and economic decisions. Often, parents and students use inaccurate word-of-mouth or outdated knowledge and a non-strategic approach to applying to schools. College Click professionals help walk students and their families through how college admissions really works with insights gleaned from top experts in the field and accurate data about admissions and college programs. If you care about getting good counsel and have the benefit of top educational planners then college counseling may be right for you.
  • Who is the team behind College Click?
    College Click is a team of top college counselors, ex-admission officers, and education planners who have pooled their knowledge and experience from helping over 1,000 families "navigate the game" of applying to college. College Click includes professional who are certified education planners (CEP) - the highest professional certification available for college counselors. Learn more about the team here. College Click also has a significant partner network that depending on needs, can bring in the right expertise for any special or unique circumstances.
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