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Be ready to make a Smart College Choice

The College Admission Bootcamp is an interactive course by top college counselors to guide you on how to apply to college with confidence

Led by a consortium of top college counselors and ex-admissions directors

The College Application Bootcamp (CAB) is based on years of knowledge from admissions directors, certified education planners, and top college counselors. It helps students and their families quickly go from an idea to execution on what can be a difficult journey of applying to college. CAB is designed to be both educational and active by getting students started hands-on with clear guidance on all the steps to take. 

CAB features speakers across the spectrum of needs including general admissions, financial aid, and other cases like student athletes and visual or performing arts majors. If you have a need, chances are CAB has it covered.

College Admissions Bootcamp helps students quickly gain skills and confidence to:

College Application Bootcamp Overview

Upcoming Bootcamp Dates:
  • July 10th

  • July 31st

  • Sept 11th

CAB is a 2 week course of core sessions with optional topics. Parents are welcome to attend the main sessions so the family has clear information.

Week 1 is the core with live online classes on key topics like the Admissions Overview, Creating a College List, College Testing, Starting Applications,  Financial Aid, and More. CAB uses a "Learn & Do" model with plenty of Q&A so each student completes admissions work along the way.

Week 2 includes optional sessions and you can attend as many as you like. Sessions include Student Athletics, Visual & Performing Arts, Applying to Highly Selective Schools and more!

Bootcamp also includes a mock ACT or SAT exam so students can accurately assess progress and have a clear study plan.

In addition to ample Q&A during the sessions, you will also have an office hour with one of our college counselors for any specific questions or guidance. 

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